Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Assembly Required

Cloth diapering is all about being organized and prepared - the actual execution isn't that bad at all.

There are a few things that Dads (or Moms) can do to make the transition easier:

String up a clothes line
This may seem a bit "Old School" but the sun is really the best chemical free way to get out the stains! For less than $15 I got all the needed bits at the hardware store. Just ensure you hang it high enough that other youngsters or pets can't reach the diapers, but not too high that you need a ladder to dry some diapers!

Buy a portable "Wet Bag"
These are great for transporting used diapers back to home base if you go out - they are quite inexpensive, but don't cheap out! A good quality Wet Bag will ensure that the dirty diaper payload and odor make it back home without leaking over everything.

buy a Jumbo "Wet Bag" for the change table
I would also suggest using this wet bag in conjunction with a "Foot Pedal" type of garbage can so it is hands free and odor locking. We have used the larger wet bag inside the garbage bin and it has been great at trapping odors and being easy to open when you have your hands full of wet items.

Make some Dryer Balls!
See our post on how to make your own dryer balls here!

Keep everything in arms reach
Having a consistent system whether it be drawers or shelves will save you from the "Baby Brain" nightmare of accidentally mistaking the Kleenex for baby wipes and toothpaste for bum cream!
Hey - it only happened once and it was 2 am!
Consistent placement of essentials such as wipes, extra wipes, diapers, shells, creams, lotions, bibs and outfits really makes each change smooth.

This really isn't something that you can make yourself and it does come fully assembled - but it will change your life. Once your little one can hold up their head pop them in the Bumbo and "Presto!" they can now see what is going on!
Set the Bumbo on the table when you eat, set the Bumbo on a counter while you do your morning routine, take the Bumbo to the park...Endless Possibilities!

And Many More...
These are some of the items we have found useful - there are plenty more, I will save them for another post.

"If the Women don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy!"

Daddy Red-Green

*please note, while a Bumbo may change your life it is no replacement for adult supervision which should be present at all times while the Bumbo is in use. Please read and follow all manufacturer's guidelines when using any product.

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