Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Making Waves!

I just don't know where the summer has gotten to - it seems like just a week ago that the weather started to get nice, now we are mere weeks from school starting. Some great memories of summer were made this year with Magnus - he loves his inflatable frog pool and anything that has to do with water.

I hear these horror stories of children who hate the bath but Baby Magnus loves it! that is not to say that teenage Magnus will be so inclined. ;)

Splashing outside in his pool was something that comes naturally to all children - they don't enter you life and make ripples they take over your life and make waves!

the expression "don't rock the boat" doesn't apply to kids. They will find a way to flip the boat, splash all day and make you laugh till your stomach aches everyday.

Get out there and enjoy the last few months of good weather!

U.S.S . Martens is about to set sail, so captain daddy best report to the poop deck, and change those diapers!

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