Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Epic Diaper Adventure of 2010

So any CD loving mama will tell you that there are very few things that compare to free fluff or really good deals on fluff. In saying that I and hundreds of other GroVia fans had the awesome oppertunity to purchase highly discounted GroVia/GroBaby's at a seconds sale a few weeks ago.

The sale was held on GroVia's parent company's website www.thenaturalbabycompany and was announced on GroVia's Facebook page. I tell you the presale frenzy was palpable. Swarms of fans crowding GroVia's FB page with posts of excitement in the days preceding the sale. I was one of them ;)

I have to admit the night before the sale I was awake lost in my CD'ing thoughts. What would be offered, what would I buy, would it be worth it to drive all the way to Washington to pick up my purchase (2 hours away)? I live in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada and unfortunately The Natural Baby Company does not ship to Canada :(

The sale began a little bit after 09:00 on a Monday morning with a major glitch. I think the Natural Baby Company highly underestimated how many CD loving mamas there were waiting to pounce on the bargains and boy were there bargains to be had! Pages were taking minutes to upload or timing out, items went missing from checkout carts, and mamas went crazy hitting the refresh button over and over.... Needless to say after 40 minutes I finally managed to buy "seconds" soakers and shells at about a third of the cost. Now traveling to Washington state wasn't looking so bad.

This past weekend my husband, Magnus and I traveled down to Washington to pickup our new GroVias. We had a great mini vacation and no glitches CD'ing for the first time out of town. When I opened the box I was really impressed with the quality of GroVias "seconds" and can't tell why they were considered to be seconds. Thanks to this sale I was able to increase my stash enough so that I will be able to CD using GroVia exclusively through to my next baby.

Unfortunately, due to the technical issues some mamas were not able to have their orders fulfilled or had to make changes in quantity or color but The Natural Baby Company worked very hard to honor as many of the orders as possible. GroVia announced on their FB page that after the experience of this past sale they don't plan to offer seconds sales to the public anymore and I hope they change their minds.

Bargain loving Mommy!

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