Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sharing the Love!

Anyone who is a fluff fan most definitely loves a CD giveaway. Katy Dibs has been blogging such giveaways for a while now: Between her blog and "Dibs" FB page she promotes natural parenting giveaways from small businesses and WAHM's check it out!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

GroVia All in One Review and Giveaway!

I have 2 GroVia AIO's, a package of GroVia wipes and Biowipes I'd love to give away (really I'd like to keep them but feel I need to share my GroVia love). See the bottom of this post for details on how to enter.

If you've been following this blog for a while I must apologize as I left you hanging quite a few posts back. When we first started out CD'ing we were happily trucking along with the AI2 for daytime but sadly we went disposable for nights due to leaking and my laziness (who really wants to do a complete bed change at 3 am?).

Eventually we found success with the Dream Eze an AIO CD made by The Natural Baby Company (GroVia's parent company as well). This was a great nighttime CD but it's one fatal flaw was that it was not a one size system and I had only ordered medium (oh, and did I mention the Dream Eze had been discontinued and that is why I got them uber cheap).

Recently, I was able to purchase GroVia's AIO which is a lot like the Dream Eze but with some great improvements. Stretchy sides for a more custom fit, more trim design so no more fluffy bum, an extra snap in soaker for older babies heavy wetters and overnight, and adjustable rise with a couple of snaps so it's really a one sized system. I was so excited to put one of these on Magnus. I liked my Dream Eze but was going to LOVE the new AIO.

I had prepped my AIO's 5 times (I had heard they didn't need as much prepping as the AI2's) and we were ready for our first night. So Magnus slept really well that night but woke up wet. The following night was a wet one as well. Argh, I was getting frustrated. We tried 2 different boosters and Jay and I both had a go at putting the AIO on Magnus(really it's not complicated but we both have different ideas on what a good fit looks like). In my frustration I reached out to the best GroVia support I could think of, their Facebook page. In no time I got some tips and advice but none of it seemed to help and I wasn't feeling the love for my new AIO. This was really disappointing me as I love GroVia (yes, I'm a bit of a junky) and really wanted these to work. Thankfully someone reached out (thanks Amanda) by sending me a personal message suggesting I try prepping some more. Really, I hadn't thought it might be a prepping issue but I gave it a try. I prepped twice more and guess what. No leaks for the past 3 nights. My little guy likes to nurse at night (often 2-3 times) and the AIO is now lasting 12 hours. I should mention that we use the snap in soaker and a GroVia stay dry booster.

So on with the giveaway already! To enter you can do any or all of the below and tell me what you did in the comments of this post:

*Post a comment or question about GroVia or GroVia product on their FB page

*Follow my blog

*Share the giveaway info on your FB page or blog

So that's 4 possible entries (if your following this blog already considered yourself entered). The winner will be drawn at random on October 16th/2010. This contest is open to Canadian and US residents and I will cover shipping. Thank you GroVia for supplying the fluffy giveaway prizes!

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering Culture?

I must be radiating some sort of irrational love for cloth diapering or something. As when I was showing my stash to someone recently they told me it was probably just a fad. I had to bite my tongue as I was rather offended. I think though that our parents (at least the parents of those that wore CD's) and the general public must think we're crazy to be doing this by choice.

When I told my mom I was going to start CD'ing she gave me a kind of disgusted look and told me of her experiences CD'ing in the late '70's. Soaking CD's in buckets of bleach and then lugging that bucket into the apartment building's laundry room. Well, I guess from her perspective I would seem a bit crazy.

But, thankfully the times have changed. Aside from our modern laundry conveniences and better designed more absorbent CD's we have the internet to aid us. For me ordering my first CD's from an on-line store was just the beginning. As I was waiting for my GroVias to arrive I discovered the company's Facebook page which offered a wealth of information as well as customer service. Through this FB page I was able to trouble shoot my laundry routine, prepping, general CD use with other GroVia users and the company it's self. There are also websites like the Diaper Pin and Diaperswappers where you can post questions in a Forum and get responses from well experienced CD'ing mamas, research and check ratings of CD'ing products and retailers.

Since we started this blog we've had numerous inquiries as to how CD'ing is going and even people asking to see our GroVias. I met up with a bunch of mamas yesterday for a walk and was comparing fluff with one of them. Last weekend we ran into one of Jay's coworkers who is barley into his twenties and he asked how the CD'ing was going. So, some may mock, some may eye roll, but many seem to be interested and want to know more.

So if mamas (and dads too) whether your just starting out on a CD'ing journey of your own or want to experiment with a different product get on the web, Facebook, visit your local baby boutique (which is great for a more hands on experience), and just simply talk to other parents. There really is a great CD'ing culture out there.