Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Great Balls of Crazy!

Things keep getting Crazier!

First there was getting used to the idea of cloth diapers, and now this!

Apparently there is an unwritten rule that cloth diapering slowly takes over your sanity...

After rolling an entire ball of wool into a tighter ball of the wool and then placing them in a nylon stocking, we head to the laundry room.

Felting giant balls of wool in the dryer is just one way to spend an evening. These gigantic wool balls will be washed several times and then dried repeatedly to attain that certain quality that will allow them to bounce around in the dryer for years to come.

The simple concept behind the dryer balls is that they work like agitators for the cloth diapers and speed the drying process.

I am all about making this process as quick as possible. :)

So if you are ever over at our place and you hear noises coming from the laundry room don't ask me if that is the sound of my fuzzy balls bouncing around in my nylons.


  1. (So, this is Amy, not Dennis)
    Tell me more about these balls in your nylons! I purchased dryer balls (the plastic bumpy kind) from Norwex which are supposed to reduce static cling instead of using Bounce sheets. Is that what these woolly balls do also?

  2. As well as being an agitator that supposedly helps speed up the drying time of the diapers and other large items i.e. towels and bedding, They do reduce the static cling.

    The best part of all of it is that they are chemical free so your clothes aren't loaded with additives, scents or BPA.

    Thanks for the comment!
    Jay Martens

  3. Love the picture! Wool. Whew! Without first reading the entry my imagination was working overtime.

  4. Ohh that is helpful. I've been using wool dryer balls with my clothes laundry for a while but didn't know if they would/should go with the diapers.

  5. I gave up on wool dryer balls since my daughter kept taking them out of the dryer and giving them to the dog.
    I find that a big bath towel (dry of course!) works very well to speed up the drying process :)

  6. Wool Drier Balls can be used when drying anything, there are several people that also throw a dry towel in the mix and that reduces dry times.

    Less dry time = happier mother earth! :o)

    We are using the homemade wool balls exclusively with the cloth diapers as we are not wanting them to absorb any of the chemicals from the drier sheets we use with our "grown-up laundry"

    Which then leads to the question of "Why do we still use drier sheets then?"

    It's a good question - I will save the answer for another post.