Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dads, Dares, Diapers, And Doo-Doo

I must admit that the very first diaper I ever changed was the diaper of my own child.

As a Dude I was quite proud that I had "Successfully avoided" diaper duty - even when dared to do the deed. Yes, I was quite proud - until I had a son.

Then as a Dad I had no option - I was on diaper duty, no way to get out of that one.

To all the soon-to-be dads out there: Any dad will tell you it honestly isn't that big of a deal.

Nature has a way of warming you up to the idea. The great thing about young breast fed babies is that their diapers are less smelly than most public washrooms, and there is a proportionately smaller volume of the Doo-Doo. (what do you expect the kid weighs less than your dumbbell for curls!)

Don't get me wrong it is not all a bed of roses and no matter what type/style/size of diaper you use there will always be a few "Epic Blowouts". You are trying to contain the poop of a living, breathing, squirming baby that sometimes takes after you a little too much!

I have come full circle from almost gagging at the thought of changing a diaper to laughing at the "Fountains" that occasionally pop up!

Poop Happens!

Dad has to go change a diaper now...

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