Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Surprises come in small smelly packages?

All of my worst nightmares have culminated into that little sweet sounding oh so green idea "We should switch to cloth diapers."

I know my loving wife of nearly 12 years means well... I am positive this isn't some sort of mean trick to torment me - or is it?

She broke the news after ordering a "small set" of cloth diapers from some website where they spin organic cotton into gold. The meager starter kit was over $400.00 (CND)!!!

Being ever so logical I quickly broke down the math... I guess it will save us money in the long run, or will it?

I found out while the diapers were already enroute there were some hidden costs to our new "little experiment"(and I am not just talking about HST). The diapers needed to be 'pre-washed' 3-4 times before you can use them, and they don't just go in with the rest of the clothing - they need special laundry soap, which means we might be doing a lot more laundry soon! Additionally there are only certain types of diaper cream that are 'permitted' with the new system.

I still haven't seen them in action (they are still on their way), but when I do there are layers like unions to consider: shells, liners and boosters - this is going to be quite the experiment!

Both me and Amy will keep you posted with updates on the blog about everything Magnus!

Surprised Daddy


  1. wow, I get to be the first!! These must be some kind of super duper diaper. Maybe they change themselves!!

  2. I love the IDEA of cloth diapers....but...

  3. We started cloth diapering very slowly. For the first few days we only had 6 bumGenius 3.0 that I bought and a pack of Kushies AIO diapers that were gifted to us, so we cloth diapered part-time only. After a few days, I decided to try different styles for the next few months until I realized I needed something trimmer, more absorbent etc., so I decided to make some diapers myself :D I then started to sell cloth diapers that I made myself, then I had enough of selling them after a few months and now I'm back to making diapers for our second child due in September. It definitely has been fun!