Monday, July 12, 2010

Ready To Take The Plunge?

Since having our son Magnus this past February I was taken aback by the amount of laundry and diaper waste this one little person had created. Every now and then the thought of switching to cloth diapers crossed my mind. I found myself saying numerous times how green I thought Jay and I were but crossing the line into the land of smelly reusable cloth seemed inconvenient and besides other than the waste issue we had no problems with disposables.

Then on my morning ritualistic cruise through the "mommy bargain" sites I came across a deal on an "all in one" cloth diaper. Hmmm, a bargain my new found Mommy guilt would not let me pass up perhaps. I quickly snatched up 7 mediums (Magnus's current size) before anyone else beat me to it. That morning I had decided we were switching to cloth, sorry Jay.

It wasn't until I began to do some on line investigating that I found out the company had rebranded and therefore the design of the diapers had been changed. I realized then that the large size counterparts to my yet to arrive purchase might be hard to find. Would I have to "stalk" the bargain site in hopes of the diaper coming up for sale again? Or worse yet was I desperate enough to buy some secondhand? Yes, in my investigating I discovered that there is a giant on line cloth diaper following with mamas swapping and selling new and used diapers. After reading experienced cloth diapering mamas posts I also realized 7 diapers would not be enough, oops.

Finally after a day or so of frantic research I decided to go with the newly rebranded GroVia. An "all in two" system of a shell with an organic cloth soaker that could snap in and out with ease. This seemed like the perfect system for us. I placed my order from an on line company in Ontario and eagerly awaited it's arrival.

Impulsive, well meaning Mommy


  1. Aww, Amy, you're going to LOVE how cute Magnus looks in his cloth, and it really isn't as hard as people think. We have cloth diapered Caleb almost exclusively since he was about 6 weeks old and I think I would start from day 1 if we have any more kids. Cloth is so much better for babies' skin, the environment, and your wallet. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!! I like to think of myself as a fairly seasoned pro, hehe. ;) I haven't tried GroVia myself, but I have heard lots about them. We got a few DreamEze off the bargain site ourselves and I am familiar with most types of diapers. Anyway, I hope you will love CDing!! Oh, and there's a very lovely store in Kelowna called Tidy Tushees if you ever need any supplies. The owner is Kelly and she has fabulous customer service. Enjoy!


  2. Funny. We're going thru the same process. My DS was born late Jan. He's our second. What pushed me over the edge was pampers drymax change. So my DS is also going to CD while she is potty training. Love your blog and just know You are not alone. We first started with covers/refolds and a diaper service just to get the hang of CD'n. This week we just started the grovia to transition.

  3. Thanks Trina, funny how our attitudes shift when we have a baby. I always knew that disposables were bad for the environment but once we visually began to see the waste it really blew me away. I used to think all my CD'ing friends were a bunch of crazy granolas and now I've happily joined the ranks. "ML" thanks for the encouragement. It really is trial and error with CD'ing. at times it can be frustrating but kinda fun with a great sense that we are doing something good, right. Have you checked out the GroVia Facebook page, it's a great resource. Take care.

  4. I know, Amy! I think my parenting ideals have pretty much done a 180 since having Caleb. Sometimes it seems like everything I thought I was going to be and do as a parent is the complete opposite of what I now believe and aspire to.

    Money and the environment are huge reasons why we decided to CD but, honestly, the nasty chemicals in sposies is now the main reason I am glad we use cloth. Before having Caleb I had no idea about all the chemicals in diapers and other items that are supposedly designed for babies -- like baby wash, baby oil, and even baby food. It is downright scary the amount of chemical nastiness that sits against their skin all day! I have made it my goal to try to reduce Caleb's exposure to chemicals as much as possible, and CDing is a pretty simple but huge way to do that.

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  6. For those wanting to know, I purchased my first cloth diapers from Baby Half Off! Buying through mommy bargain sites is an awesome way to try different brands and increase your stash!

    PS if you scroll down a bit on BHO FB page there is a contest for a breastfeeding week giveaway!