Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Optimal Absorbency!

With all the changes around here, I took some time to focus on the little things that make life great - like the investment in air conditioning and front load washers!

The front load washers are great for washing clothes and getting them all clean, but the one fatal flaw is that they don't use that much water. (This very fact was one of the key selling features only three years ago).

Apparently to "Prep" these cloth diapers you need to wash them 8-10 times and I understand that, there are certain natural oils that need to be stripped from the fibers for Optimal Absorbency. Washing new clothes to break them in is nothing new.

At 3:00 AM during a rough night you want every diaper's absorbency to be optimized! - Let me tell you!

Now to ensure that during this preliminary phase of CD'n (cloth Diaper'n) the diapers get fully saturated and rinsed super clean I see Amy adding in over a liter of Hot water to the final rinse of the diapers!

Top load washers use higher water levels and this isn't an issue and I think that the vast majority of people will have no issues with washing them normally even with High Efficiency (front load) washers - Amy is on crusade to ensure that our experience with "the cloth" will be as optimal as humanly possible.

Amy you are a testament to the lengths a mother will go through for her child. ;)

So far, no complaints from Magnus.

This is Daddy-O with a big 10-4.

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