Sunday, October 31, 2010

Take the time to make some memories!

Halloween is a great photo opportunity when the kids get all dressed up!

But don't forget to take pictures of the little things every other day or so - some turn out great and others will remind you of your little one's firsts.

With the advent of a baby, one of the first things we did was get a new reliable camera to capture all of the glorious memories as they happened. We got the Cannon Power Shot Digital Elph - a great little point and click with 12.1 mega pixel resolution. Several months later we are still clicking away and the pictures are turning out great.

The main thing we were looking for in a camera was the speed that you can go from powered off and in the case to picture taken. The little ones move so fast (and they only get faster) that if you want to capture them doing anything you have to be quick!

The Cannon that we have also has a movie mode that is very decent - it doesn't replace a video camera but it does make video virtually Facebook ready - small enough file sizes with high enough resolution that you can see what is going on. Most of the times you are "in the moment" you already have the camera with you - just switch to movie mode and go!

Sometimes you need professional help
Even with a great point and shoot we found that one of us was always missing from the picture so today we met with a professional photographer to get some snaps of the little guy and our family.

The experience was great! If you are ever in need of a photographer in Kelowna, B.C. Canada, contact Michelle via her Facebook page here.

Have a Great Halloween and keep making those great memories!

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