Monday, October 11, 2010

Cloth Diapering on the Go!

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I'm going to visit one of my oldest and bestest friends tomorrow. Magnus and I will be making the trip (just a three and a half hour drive) down to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and spending 4 days relaxing, shopping, and seeing the sights. I'm really looking forward to our getaway and I'm so thankful that my friend Sara who has 2 boys of her own is so hands on supportive. She'll gladly take my fussy little man when I'm needing a break and continually offers great advice and encouragement. We all need a friend like this and I hope once I've mellowed out a bit with motherhood I can offer the same support to my friends with new arrivals and little ones.

My only concern with this trip is that I currently CD. At home I wash every other day and have a diaper sprayer which I've come to depend on. We haven't had too many hiccups with CD'ing and have only gone away once for an overnight since we started and didn't have any issues. I'd love to continue CD'ing while away but I'm not sure if it's realistic to go 4 days without laundering. Will my GroVia cotton soakers get moldy (a few have said there is a possibility they might)? Will it be a regretful hassle (I've already got so many baby things I need to pack)? Will I be banished from visiting Sara as long as I'm CD'ing (I doubt I will but you never know ;-)? What is my motivation for CD'ing while away so long, am I doing it to prove something to myself and others?

I am contemplating using my GroVia Biosoakers which are like a disposable/compostable inset that goes in the shell. Many mamas use these Biosoakers for travel and when away from home. It's been suggested that I use the Biosoakers for the first few days then the cotton soakers for the last few just to ensure no mold. I'm on the fence really and will let you all know how it goes.

Obsessive mommy <3

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  1. Hey Amy, we have successfully CD'd on numerous trips with no hiccups. I did do a load of laundry every 3 days or so, but have never had issues with mold even when I have left diapers for longer than that at home (up to 5 or so days). We don't use GroVia but do use cotton fitteds/prefolds and BG Organic AIOs, which is basically the same O-Cotton & PUL combo as GroVia.

    I think the concern with mold/mildew and ammonia becomes greater in hot weather but not so much in cooler weather or climate controlled conditions. That said, I did go camping in the heat last summer and our Bum Genius pockets were fine for 3 days without being laundered, but I probably wouldn't have wanted to leave them much longer than that. There was no mold/mildew, but the smell was pretty awful by that point! I would just make sure to wash and rinse very well when you do finally launder, and probably add OxyClean to the mix and do extra rinses. I have also heard BioKleen Bac-Out spray is a great pre-treatment for diapers to reduce bacteria build up and reduce stains, but I can't get this locally so I have never tried it.

    Bio-liners (or equivalent) are super helpful when traveling without a diaper sprayer. I have heard paper towel can also be used in a pinch, though I have never tried this. Oh, and Imse Vimse liners are great because they can be washed and reused several times before they deteriorate enough to have to throw them out, so less wasteful if a LO just pees.

    I hope your trip goes well. Have fun! :)