Monday, October 4, 2010

Mama Stash!

This post is for the mamas but men if your curious go ahead and check it out.

I've never really been much of a tree hugger I love everything womanly about me kinda girl. Especially when it came to my period. Don't get me wrong though I can't say I loathe that time of the month either. But since it's return in the recent months and after having a baby I have to admit that I feel differently about my little friend and almost embrace it.

I was changing my "Always" a month and a bit ago and had an epiphany. If I'm using cloth for my son because I believe it's healthier for him and the environment why not cloth for me? As I bundled up my little package of waste I wondered what one cycles worth of disposable pad waste would look like. How about a year or even my reproductive lifetime?

I hopped on the web that night and began researching "mama cloth". I found testimonials of many women that had made the switch. Some even stating that cloth reduced uncomfortable period symptoms like cramping and heavy flow (things thankfully I haven't had to deal with). Really it didn't take much to convince me and if you read my first blog you'll know I'm a bit of an impulse decision maker (my GroBaby purchase that started our CD'ing journey). I made my purchase of "Pink Daisys" from "Swaddlebees" a company that also makes CD's and awaited my next period and my order (hoping the order came before Aunt Flow).

So my experience went well. The cloth I must say is a bit bulkier than disposable but I don't mind. I purchased the stay dry option and they were quite comfortable to wear. I just tossed the MC in the laundry and washed with no extra effort. On the heaver days I rinsed a bit prior to washing using our diaper sprayer. A couple of other ways to organize MC laundering are: wet pail method which involves tossing the MC in a pail of water changing the water daily or keeping a wetbag somewhere in the bathroom. Hanging on the shower curtain rod out of LO's reach. With both of these methods you can wash your MC as desired or all at once.

Overall I felt like this was a positive experience for me and I'm glad I made the switch. Like CD'ing and using cloth wipes it seemed more involved and complicated beforehand but is really no biggie. I think I'll add to my MC stash in the next while and would like to try some WAHM products. There are so many mamas out there that will custom make MC for you. Just another green idea that has come to positive fruition.

Embracing mamahood Mama

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  1. I have thought of the cloth maxi before. I think mamabargins had them one time. I will have to look into it. thanks for the blog...