Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloth Diapering Culture?

I must be radiating some sort of irrational love for cloth diapering or something. As when I was showing my stash to someone recently they told me it was probably just a fad. I had to bite my tongue as I was rather offended. I think though that our parents (at least the parents of those that wore CD's) and the general public must think we're crazy to be doing this by choice.

When I told my mom I was going to start CD'ing she gave me a kind of disgusted look and told me of her experiences CD'ing in the late '70's. Soaking CD's in buckets of bleach and then lugging that bucket into the apartment building's laundry room. Well, I guess from her perspective I would seem a bit crazy.

But, thankfully the times have changed. Aside from our modern laundry conveniences and better designed more absorbent CD's we have the internet to aid us. For me ordering my first CD's from an on-line store was just the beginning. As I was waiting for my GroVias to arrive I discovered the company's Facebook page which offered a wealth of information as well as customer service. Through this FB page I was able to trouble shoot my laundry routine, prepping, general CD use with other GroVia users and the company it's self. There are also websites like the Diaper Pin and Diaperswappers where you can post questions in a Forum and get responses from well experienced CD'ing mamas, research and check ratings of CD'ing products and retailers.

Since we started this blog we've had numerous inquiries as to how CD'ing is going and even people asking to see our GroVias. I met up with a bunch of mamas yesterday for a walk and was comparing fluff with one of them. Last weekend we ran into one of Jay's coworkers who is barley into his twenties and he asked how the CD'ing was going. So, some may mock, some may eye roll, but many seem to be interested and want to know more.

So if mamas (and dads too) whether your just starting out on a CD'ing journey of your own or want to experiment with a different product get on the web, Facebook, visit your local baby boutique (which is great for a more hands on experience), and just simply talk to other parents. There really is a great CD'ing culture out there.


  1. I had similar experiences when my family found out that I was going to be trying out Cloth diapers for the second time. I tried with my son, but lack of research and old-fashioned advice lead our experience to fail. They couldn't believe how much CDing has changed =) glad to say that we are going strong for over a month!

  2. Glad to hear things are going so well the second time around Janet. There is so much support and information available online. Dare I say too much;)?

  3. I remember when my sister found out we were going to CD. She literally snickered and said, "Ooo-kay, well let me know how that goes...", while looking at me with a "There is no way THAT is going to work" look. I was slightly offended and angry with her reaction, and have to say I was very pleased to prove to her that it IS doable (and happily!), no matter how unwilling she was to try it herself. ;)

  4. I received some strange looks from ppl when I anounced that we were doing CDs as well but my husband, parents and in-laws were all supportive. When we finally got our diapers my mom was amazed at the new generation cloth diapers. She loves how easy they are to use and how cute they are. I've also converted several friends to cloth after they saw how easy it was. I'm amazed at how many ppl think that cloth diapering is hard.